Oz Drug Testing, Your Health Quality Companion

Oz Drug Tests is an Australian company that provides drug testing kits created exclusively for Australian businesses. Rapid-result drug test kits for urine, saliva, and alcohol are their primary focus. It takes them only five minutes to determine if the substance is present. They can assist with laboratory confirmation tests as well.

Dave Noble, the owner and founder of Oz Drug Tests, has more than ten years of industry expertise. In addition to his significant practical and theoretical skills, he is certified with the HLTPAT005 to collect specimens for drugs and has extensive practical and theoretical knowledge. He is also knowledgeable with the latest rules and regulations and would gladly assist you in conducting workplace drug testing properly.

They have collaborated with Australia’s most reputable manufacturers of home and commercial drug testing kits for a decade. Each kit is hand-selected and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it provides the best accurate results. All drug test kits adhere to the Australian standards AS4308 and AS4760 for urine and saliva, respectively. In addition, their exams are entirely guaranteed.

Despite being designed to fit local requirements, Oz provides home and business drug test kits to clients globally. Their alcohol and drug test kits are appropriate for a wide range of industries, including high-risk ones like mining, construction, and transportation.


A few clicks are required to acquire online drug test kits from Oz Drug Tests. They provide their private and business clients with the materials necessary to conduct at-home or workplace drug screenings.

Oz Drug Tests provides the simplest way to acquire workplace drug testing kits. Their purpose is to supply their clients with the instruments necessary to establish whether or not there are traces of drugs in their system. Their method is effective and, most importantly, inconspicuous.

Order the most reasonably-priced drug test kits in Australia and take advantage of their 100 percent money-back guarantee!

Listed below are some of the goods available:

BREATHO Fuel Cell Pro Breathalyser

BREATHO Personal Fuel Cell Breathalyser

Breatho is Australia’s top manufacturer and provider of alcohol Breathalyser.

Breatho is at the forefront of innovation in their business, thanks to its world-class customer service and cutting-edge technology.

As opposed to other devices, the fuel cell sensor of the Breatho Personal Breathalyzer maintains consistent and accurate measurements and is unaffected by oral pollutants.

Six-panel ScreenClear Urine Drug Test Split Cup

This urine testing cup is ideal for use in businesses and medical facilities. Using a key on the top, the valve within this plastic cup separates the urine sample from the reagent test strips. This removes the possibility of antibody contamination of the sample during transmission to the laboratory for confirmation of a non-negative result.

This urine drug test provides quantifiable results in one to two minutes and is utilized by Australian medical clinics, rehabilitation services, and government agencies.


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