Decorate Your Property With Lovely Flora Using Treesy Green

The presence of vegetation might aid to quiet the mind. Making it an excellent alternative for use as a home decoration. With a peaceful mind, one can be more productive and operate more efficiently.

With Treesy Green, you can obtain the foliage you’ve always desired with a single click!

Listed below are some Treesy Green Products:

Synthetic Green Walls

Want to enliven your next social gathering or embellish your home? What better way to accomplish this than by installing a green wall? Their selection of green walls includes artificial plant walls, moss walls, and plant walls with flowers.

Blooming Walls

Treesy Green is thrilled to present their brand-new and fascinating collection of Luxury 3D Artificial Faux Flower Walls. Their carefully chosen selection of floral decor includes some of the most beautiful and high-quality artificial flowers currently available. Their complete collection is appropriate for both permanent installations and reusable floral walls for the events sector. Each panel’s innovative design makes installation incredibly easy, and they can be cut to match any shape or size. Hope you appreciate their selection of botanically accurate flower walls as much as they do, and their staff is there to assist you with any unique requests.

Buy Green Artificial Mini Bonsai Plant by Foliyaj Online - Artificial  Plants - Artificial Plants - Home Decor - Pepperfry Product

Neon Signs

They offer an extensive selection of LED Neon signage in a variety of colors and sizes. Each sign includes a 5m power cord, fastening screws, and/or hanging points to make installation simple and quick. Each artwork is supported by clear acrylic that is custom-cut to fit the contours of your sign.

They take great pleasure in offering high-quality items, and each sign is created with ultra-bright LED neon to ensure that it stands out. They hope that you will be able to discover the appropriate sign in their product catalog, but they are also able to create custom signs that meet your exact specifications.

Artificial Trees

Are you interested in purchasing an Artificial Tree for your indoor or outdoor space? They’ve got your back. Treesy Green sells an assortment of fake palm trees, cherry trees, bay trees, olive trees, topiary trees, ficus trees, and more.

Sequin Shimmer Walls

Sequin Shimmer Walls are an attention-grabbing way to add a splash of shimmer to any venue or event.

They have developed an assortment of simple-to-install, user-friendly sequin walls that are great for creating backdrops and feature walls in a variety of colors and finishes.

Each panel may be easily joined to the next on each side, enabling you to build a sequin wall of any size.

You can get individual panels or one of their suggested sizes for each color. Their panels are incredibly versatile and can be used for permanent installations or repeatedly disassembled and reassembled by individuals in the events sector who employ them.

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