Ritual Hockey provides stylish and resilient hockey sticks

Design that is captivating is one thing. Another is high-performance engineering. This is where the art comes in: mixing scientific accuracy with aesthetic precision.

We spent years building a world-class team of sports scientists, designers, and product engineers that collaborate to create the ideal stick. Ritual Hockey equipment is designed in Australia, manufactured by specialists from throughout the world, and rigorously tested by international hockey players. Every one of our products undergoes a rigorous phase of prototyping. And we mean rigorous. Crafting a single stick can take over ten hours.

Each Ritual stick is likewise tailored to a specific playing style. Our selection does not include “generic sticks.” We’ve devised a stick for low, swift aerial acrobatics and another for classic, upright players. There are separate sticks for drag-flicking specialists and goalies. It’s all about customizing your stick to your game.

Ritual Hockey Sticks:


Carbon and Kevlar used in our composite hockey sticks are sourced from the world’s top composite material producers. Our Japanese and Dutch suppliers have a distinguished history of pioneering composite materials innovation and development and serving the aerospace industry.

Velocity of Revolving

The Revolution Velocity is the culmination of a two-year development period and over 200 different prototypes. It is arguably the best all-around stick we are capable of producing.

Revolution Ultra

While the Ultra 95 is our professional-grade low bow, the Revolution Ultra surpasses it in every way. It is the pinnacle of sports engineering, the result of a two-year development period.

Revolutionary Expert

Ritual Hockey

The Revolution Specialist is, without question, their best drag flick stick. The design resembles that of our professional grade Specialist 95 (with a moulded scoop, ultra-low curve, and aggressive 24mm profile), but the materials and construction are cutting-edge: a combination of advanced aerospace foam, 100% woven Japanese carbon fibre, and computer-controlled RTM resin injection.

95 km per hour

It is utilized by Olympic athletes and professionals worldwide. In addition to its late curve design, triple-layer handle, and aggressive 24mm profile, the quality of materials distinguishes Velocity 95. We import composite Kevlar from the Netherlands, fiberglass from France, and 95% premium carbon fiber from Japan. Each stick is comprised of 20 layers of composite material arranged alternately.

Ultra 95+ Ultra 95+ conforms to the most stringent FIH regulations, with an ultra-low 200mm bow tip, a tapered base, and a sharp 24mm profile.

Response 95

Like the Velocity, the Response 95 is an excellent all-purpose stick that can be used in any position. It has a bigger handle, a larger hitting zone along the edge, rectangular sides, and triple-walled construction.

Specialist 95

The molded scoop on the lower shaft of the Specialist 95 is the first item that catches the eye. This is intended to catch and direct the ball throughout the entire flicking motion.

Please visit https://ritualhockey.com/ for many fascinating hockey sticks and other hockey-related merchandise.


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