Zellebrate: Unlock the Shopping Possibilities

What is that one thing that is loved and appreciated throughout the world because of the growing technology? E-commerce and its advancement. The credits to easy shopping from anywhere, anytime offering millions of products at one place only has made life easy and lot manageable. It was during the ancient time that people have to find out leisure time to do grocery shopping as well as shopping for themselves. But now that humans are loaded with work and are too occupied to spend hours searching for the things from one shop to another. However, e-commerce has made it a lot easier for people who were unable to spare a few hours on buying home essentials. Zellebrate is one such site that offers over 6 million products all under one roof.

About Zellebrate

Zellebrate is an Australian proprietary business store that works for online bricks and mortar retailers. It was founded in 2014 by a group of three people Chris Russel, Karl Bunnet, and Indy Mukherji with a vision of connecting local or online retailers with consumers without third-party involvement. The virtual superstore is an online marketplace that is a one-stop shop for all the necessities and is operating in a market that is 10 times bigger than all the online world.

With Zellebrate one can also go through different operating functions that will provide an entirely different shopping experience to the user. The complex technology and world-class digital sales is a retail platform that includes everything and gives access to retailers to connect with the customers with twice the success rate of another online marketplace. This platform works as a representative platform where the local retailers can compete equally with other giant marketplaces that are taking over.

Zellebrate focuses on uplifting the local and small businesses thrive in the giant marketplace. With the help of technology, the website can easily map the retailer and the store so that all the products are accessible through the internet.

Transformation in online shopping

  • Shop anywhere, anytime: Shop online from any retailer or merchants at any hour and get cashback as well as rewards on every order.
  • Live stream shopping: This feature helps the customer to do the live shopping by taking a live look over the goods and seeing how they look.
  • Try-on feature: This AR feature helps the customer to try on clothes, shoes, makeups, or hair accessories anywhere, anytime.
  • Compare, Discover, Save: No matter what is the size of the product. One can easily reach the nearest outlet and compare the prices right at that moment only.

Zellebrate provides an accessible platform to traditional and modern outlets on mobile phones. The virtual marketplace provides an unbiased result without omitting or prioritizing retailers based on money. They give access to all the products available online as well as on the streets.

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