Why are Ice Cream Cups Better than Ice Cream Cones?

Ice cream can be served in many ways. You can put them in a bowl, a glass container, an ice cream cup, or an ice cream cone. The last two allow your customers to bring their ice cream anywhere they go, and it’s ideal for take-out orders. However, there are huge differences between the two you need to know about. If you want to understand what makes custom cups with lids better than cones, read on to find out more here! Check out the list we curated for you to ensure that your ice cream business can take advantage of ice cream cups.

The Best Way to Promote Your Brand

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One of the main ways ice cream shops can effectively market their businesses is through custom ice cream shops. It’s very inexpensive, and your customers act like walking advertisements. When other people see the ice cream cups they are holding, and they will want to try it out. So you’re successfully promoting your brand and adding more customers. You can quickly generate sales because the people who saw the cups will want these too, and they can unknowingly promote your ice cream on their social media profiles. The attention that the cups get is enough to promote your brand.

Cost-Effective & Straightforward

Another reason why you’ll want to consider ice cream cups over ice cream cones is that they’re pretty inexpensive. When you purchase a large quantity of ice cream cups, the cost per unit will become cheaper. So if you want to make your business as low cost as possible, this is a great option. Additionally, you can sell your ice cream at a very competitive price. So you can compete with other ice cream brands or shops in your area when it comes to quality and price. You can also choose to have plain ice cream cups if you aim to be a minimalist and save more at the same time.

Cups will Never Expire

One problem that ice cream cones have over ice cream cups is that they expire. That means they have a time limit as to when you can serve them. If they perish, you have no choice but to throw them out. It’s a waste of money if you fail to use them. On the other hand, ice cream cups never expire. You can store them if you don’t want to use them and bring them back out again when the time is right. Plus, ordering in bulk allows you to focus more on your business instead of thinking about ordering new supplies.


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