DailyJocks: The Most Inclusive And Diverse One-Stop-Shop For Men’s Underwear And Lifestyle

Since 2010, DailyJocks has championed personal style, sexuality, and self-expression by providing men’s underwear and lifestyle accessories to followers worldwide. Since then, our community has become more varied, necessitating the growth and evolution of our brand. Now, DailyJocks are on a mission to guarantee that DailyJocks not only reflect the growing community, but also reflect the behind the scenes. Staff and collaborators on our team represent a dynamic cross-section of cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and abilities.

Over the past thirteen years, Daily Jocks has expanded from a Facebook page connecting its community to the finest places to buy underwear online, to a subscription service, to where it is today: two storefronts with over 500,000 international fans. Since then, the DailyJocks catalog has evolved to include anything from underwear (briefs to jockstraps) to partywear (crop tops and harnesses) to sportswear (joggers and workout shorts). Along the way, the community has evolved to encompass all LGBTQIA+ spectrum components… However, until recently, it appeared that the brand itself only reflected a small section of that spectrum.

Products Provided

DailyJocks not only strives for diversity and inclusivity in their marketing campaigns and client base, but they also offer an extensive range of fashion and lifestyle products. The following are some of the products they offer:

  • Clothing, undergarments, and lingerie
  • Jockstraps
  • Briefs
  • Trunks / Boxer Briefs
  • G-strings / Thongs
  • Enhancing Underwear Harnesses
  • Mesh Undergarments
  • Leather-Look Undergarments
  • Neoprene Undergarments

Daily Jocks

Athletic Wear and Sportswear

  • Joggers Outerwear Tanks/Singlets T-Shirts Gym Shorts Accessories
  • Swimming Outfit
  • Swim Briefs
  • Swim trunks
  • Swim Trunks
  • Swimshorts
  • Improving Swimwear

Popular Brands

DailyJocks also carries well-known and beloved brand names. Their well-known brands include:

  • PUMP! DJX Pure underwear for guys
  • Helsinki Athletica
  • Andrew Christian
  • Elia
  • Cellblock13
  • Beachwear Varsity

The relaunch campaign was intended to highlight the genuine community members of DailyJocks and was all about intersectional representation: queer indigenous, trans and non-binary talent, fantastic models who represent disability groups, and a cross-section of cultural, national, and body types.

In addition to showcasing ability as models, we wanted to highlight their personalities, passions, and the challenges that led to the transformation of our brand. As a result, our relaunch campaign has included weekly blog interviews and a video campaign that exposes the ideas and perspectives of our campaign stars, as well as their outstanding physical presence.

Whether you’re looking to expand your underwear collection with a g-string or jockstrap, looking for the perfect partywear piece like a crop top, or looking for sportswear pieces that can take you from the cafe to the gym, like joggers or bootylicious gym shorts, we encourage customers to step out of their comfort zone in a way that feels authentic to them. ‘Just do you!’


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