Check this guide for buying the best bike

If you’re pondering about becoming a commuter cyclist or planning to enjoy your holidays or weekend ride, you’ve probably discovered a broad range of bicycle prices and types to choose from. As the world is changing rapidly, providing yourself with a fast-paced solution, including electric-based quality bikes is a great idea. If you are planning to get yourself an electric bike, then you might consider checking out It is a great brand to consider, Progear Bikes is a manufacturer of hybrid bikes, vintage bikes, fixies, and a lot more.

They offer bikes that are worth the money with great features and a good frame. They are a committed and dedicated shop that gives everyone an accessible electric ride. Thus you can assure that all of their products are equipped with the latest technology and features while having the price still at a minimum. They have a wide range of made bikes including urban, trail, electric, mountain bikes, and all-rounders.

Things to consider when buying an E-bike

There are a lot of different e-bikes out there, from full-on enduro mountain bikes to folding options. Like the usual bicycles, there are choices for every style of riding. Manufacturers are constantly developing longer-lasting batteries and lighter bikes with increased range. Below are some of the things you have to consider when you’re planning to buy one.


Check this guide for buying the best bike

  • You have to think of yourself when and where you’ll be using the e-bike. E-bikes are great for taking extra loads for shopping or commuting, this is because of the motor’s support in carrying you up testing hills. A lot of standard rack mounts for pannier bags, yet if you prefer to carry more, you have the option for a cargo e-bike. While if you’re into leisure rides, then the weight and range of the battery are the things you need to consider when looking for the model to choose. There are five categories of e-bikes, such as:
  • E-cargo bikes
  • Electric road bikes
  • Electric hybrid bikes
  • Electric mountain bikes
  • Folding electric bikes

Power and Battery size

  • E-bikes are using distinct versions of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They’re fast to charge with a low overall weight. For the size of the battery, you have to simply look for the best quality and size your budget allows for.


  • The total distance you can ride or the range of your e-bike will be necessary when it comes to charging. The terrain you’re riding, the rider’s weight, and also the weather can affect the range you’ll get from the battery.


The weight of the bike will have a great effect when you aren’t riding the e-bike. If you’re a road rider, then you might be after a lighter-weight bike.


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