A Guide on How to Remove Warts

Although warts can spread readily from one person to another or from their fingers to their face or other regions of their body, there is hope: they can be removed. Many types of warts have different removal processes and time frames. Some of them go away fast while others stubbornly linger. The spontaneous dissolution of some is also possible. You can take matters into your own hands if you don’t want to wait months or years for your wart to hopefully go. You can also use Wart Off Stick for best results.

It may come as a surprise, but your options for treating warts are limited. The wart removal method you choose will be heavily influenced by the specific wart you have, as well as its size and location. Warts can appear anywhere on the body; some common locations include the tip of the little finger, the inside of the elbow, and the bottom of the right foot (where a verruca, which is similarly a wart but goes by a different name, is commonly found).

Peeling solution

Using a topical treatment containing salicylic acid, which works by slowly and surely breaking away the wart’s outer layer of skin one cell at a time, is a frequent method for removing these layers of skin. Both over-the-counter and doctor-prescribed options act by eroding the skin’s outer layers.


Freezing a wart off might sound extreme, but it is achievable. This is a method performed by doctors or general practitioners, and it involves swabbing or spraying liquid nitrogen onto the wart and the area around it. It is particularly successful for warts on the hands.

Liquid nitrogen is so cold that it may burn a wart and leave a blister in its place. (It can go as cold as -321 degrees Fahrenheit.) As a rule of thumb, you’ll need three to four of these sessions. The success rate is anything from 50-70 percent when cryotherapy is combined with salicylic acid.

Brut Deodorant

Masking tape

Now, this may sound a little out there, but if you place a piece of duct tape on a wart and leave it there for a while, it will eventually die. It’s because the oxygen supply to the wart is being cut off. Repeat this procedure until the wart disappears. If it persists for longer than two months, though, it may be time to switch to a different treatment.


You might think it’s extreme, but if other wart removal methods have failed, it might be your only choice. Whether the wart is removed via surgical excision or laser treatment, the procedure is considered to be minimally invasive. They aren’t the most pleasant thoughts, but everyone, regardless of age, can have them. Thankfully, there are a variety of methods available for getting rid of them


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