A Beginner’s List of Sailing Gear Essentials

Sailing is a sport that people of any age would love to learn and experience. With sailing, no motor is involved, but instead, the boat is maneuvered by wind power. Sailing is a strategic sport and many are doing it recreationally, competitively, or both. It is an extremely popular water sport and is also a fulfilling one for people of any age.

If you are interested to try sailing, then you must know what must-have gears should you prepare ahead of time. Remember that each of these gear is important and plays a vital role in your safety while you are above the water. There are four important types of gear that you must have – clothing, crew gear, boat gear, and supplies.


When sailing, there are some basic rules that you need to follow. To know what’s the best clothes to wear would be to ask your sailing partners, like the skipper. You have to remember that weather conditions on the water are too different from what it is if you are on land. To avoid buying the wrong clothes for this sailing trip, ask your sailing buddies what they would suggest for you to wear.

Crew Gear


When it comes to crew gear, this includes all the things that you need, from toiletries to paperwork. This though would only apply for trips that will take a couple of days or when you are heading out on your first international sailing journey.

Boat Gear

This category will include all the necessary equipment that you need on the boat. You must have your navigation equipment, some electronics, and your safety gear. You can’t go without completing your list of things for this category. But of course, if you are joining as a crew, the boar gear is taken care of by the skipper.


How many supplies do you need for the trip will depend on how long you will be out in the water. For one-day trips, you only need water. You will have access to food once you are on land. However, with long trips, you have to make sure that you bring as much as your can. You have to be prepared because you will never know what will happen. Your simple trip might end up with you spending the night there. So you must have everything that you need especially for emergency situations.

If you are looking for wetsuits and other sailing gear and equipment, it is now easy to find them online. For high-quality sailing must-haves, go ahead and visit Vaikobi online. They have high-quality products that you might just need on your first ever sailing experience. So don’t miss out on the chance to have all the gear that you need beforehand.


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