Our philosophy is to make you comfortable

We are passionate about our work and we like what we do, we combine this with the new technologies that the internet offers: a website, email, facebook … And of course the telephone liquor delivery singapore.

We are here to find and deliver with you the right product for your business, your party or a simple moment of pleasure. Whether it’s red or white wine, a liqueur or an aperitif you can find it online.

How does this exactly work

Buying  is simple and safe: make your order online by browsing the catalog and adding the products concerned with the relative quantities to the cart. If you make a mistake, don’t worry, you can always add or remove items to the cart later without any problems.

Once you have finished your online purchases you can go to the cart page where you will have to enter your shipping address and proceed with the payment method to confirm and complete your online purchase.

The order is generally processed in the following 24/48 hours (except in special cases) and delivered in the following 24/48 hours by the courier best suited to the needs of the case.

Fast and safe shipping

If your shipment has a relatively low volume, the express courier will be used, which in the right conditions also gives you the right to free shipping.

With this carrier, special packaging is used to prevent breakage: larger bottles such as wine and liquor are placed in special shockproof packaging designed specifically for this use, while smaller bottles such as beer are placed inside a box of polystyrene and separated by a cardboard beehive.

If, on the other hand, you have ordered a certain quantity of goods and therefore the shipment is consequently more voluminous, a traditional carrier will be used that will duly take delivery of the package with a different type of service: you will be contacted by phone first to arrange delivery, the vehicle will be equipped tail lift for unloading and the employee will be equipped with a transpallet for manual handling of the package.

Given the type of service, unfortunately it is not possible to offer free shipping, however the displayed price is discounted by 50% on the list price.


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