What fighting gear do you need to have for your training?

When you ask many people about the title, you will get dozens of different answers. It is like anybody else having a different response when someone asks about the essential fight gear you need. But when you don’t know what fighting gear to have, these are the list that has the usual answer when you talk about it. And through time, you already have a list of things you cannot fail regarding your training.


You must consider what training you will need when buying your shorts. You will not accept a simple short for training, but you need to think about what kind is suitable for your fight and practice. It would help if you wore the proper shorts during training and competitions. It will be best to buy several pairs of shorts, so you don’t have to keep washing every short.


It is one of the things people tend to forget during their training is choosing the best footwear. It will depend on what kind of training you are into, and you need a few different types of footwear. Even though you are into MMA, you need to have a few sets of shoes when you are practicing doing your runs around the gym. It will be a hassle when you are not wearing anything during training.

Fight Gear Direct's punching bags

Gloves and wraps

Wearing gloves during training and for fighting is necessary. The gloves with wraps will protect your wrists. The wraps are straight and safe while you are punching. In other gyms, you need to have wraps for your feet.



It would help if you used mouthguards during sparring or got into an actual fight. They are one of the essentials you need. You will be disqualified when you don’t use it during the competition. Mouthguards will help protect your teeth from any signs of damage during the fight. When you are into a combat sport, your teeth will be in critical danger when you get knocked out.

Groin guard

When it is not on your top list, you need to have it sooner than regret it later. You have to ensure you have the proper protection for yourself because it can end up causing you pain.

Heavy bag

A heavy bag is essential when you like to practice your boxing routine at your home. When you plan training in the gym, you don’t have to invest in any heavy bags. There are options for heavy loads made of vinyl, canvas, or leather. You can choose which material you like to use. When you want to invest in having a heavy bag in your home, you can buy from Fight Gear Direct’s punching bags as they have many options.

You now have an idea of what type of fight apparel you need. Now it’s time to know what you need to use and invest in your training before your competition. Thinking about what you need to practice and improve your skills is best.


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