What Do Your Shoestell About You

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.”  

Just like in the story of Cinderella, a woman’s shoes can make or break her life. A pair of shoes can grant a woman the incredible power to wear different persona on different occasions, and you can see thistransformation when she wears herfavorite heels.How is that so?

A Woman’s Personality Can Be Determined Based on Her Shoes

According to the study conducted by the University of Kansas, 90% of the respondents who have taken the test have correctly guessed the personality, age, income, gender preference, social status, political views, etc. of the individuals shown in the photos just based on their shoes. This happened because our personalities directly affect our preferences on things particularly our shoes which we used more often. For women, there are at least 5common types of shoes they can choose from.


Heels are different from other women’s shoes because of the additional height it gives which challenges the stability and strength of any woman who dares to wear it. The elevation that the heels offer gives any woman a higher view of the path she is taking, and to be able to stand in this elevation, a sturdy foundation is needed. Hence, heels give a woman confidence in every decision she makes. For this reason, heels are often related to empowered women.

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Sneakers provide comfort to the wearer. For this reason, she possessed both fluidity and mobility in any situation. Women who wear this type of shoes are known to be very versatile, and energetic explorers.


Sandals are often worn by women who love strolling outdoor. They are usually seen being worn by chefs, healthcare professionals, and our mothers as well. See the trend? Sandals are the favorite footwear of very nurturing women like our moms.


Flats provide great stability. Its simplicity and modesty give the wearer the total feeling of being on the ground. Hence, flats reflect great leadership and humility for women.


Boots are usually worn by disciplined individuals like the soldiers. Their main goal is to keep on advancing that is why they also make plans ahead. Women who usually worn these are great planners with a headstrong and practical perspective.

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