Top 10 Cloudy Fleece Lined Tights to Wear in 2023

If it’s cold outside, tights can keep you warmer than bare legs alone. And if it’s not that cold outside, but you’ve been sitting for a while, your legs can get chilly without something covering them. The problem is that there are so many types of tights that it takes time to pick the right style for any situation! That’s why we created this post and created a list of our top 10 picks for Cloudy fleece lined tights in 2023.

  • Superlight: these are the most common and popular style of tights because they’re lightweight but still very warm for their weight. These tights are made from about 40% acrylic and 60% wool, a good balance of warmth without being too thick or warm for warmer days.
  • HL Mercerized Tights: these pants have the same basic design as the Superlight tights, but with one crucial difference: they are mercerized to make them softer than regular wool tights.
  • 5XL Skinny Tights: These are very form-fitting, almost like skinny jeans, so they’re hot for cold weather (but warmer than the HL ones). They’re available from 5XL down to 3X in children’s sizes; smaller sizes tend to be very expensive and run out quickly.

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  • EL Fitting tights: These are a little more form-fitting than the 5XL ones, similar to skinny jeans or leggings, but they’re much warmer. They’re also mercerized like the 5XL ones, so they’re not as warm as the Superlight ones.
  • Ultra Light: these are the same design as the Superlight tights except that they don’t have the wavy appearance (like the tight leggings do) or the mercerization treatment (like the R/R tights). The Ultra Light ones are available in women’s sizes only and usually have a slightly different pattern than the Superlight ones.
  • Classic essential tights: these are the most basic type of tights. They’re not very form-fitting, not made with mercerization, and not as lightweight as the other tights in this post. If you want cheap, warm socks to wear when it’s cold out, these are probably your best bet!
  • Ankle tights: These are just like regular tights, only they start at around mid-calf (instead of at the hip) and go down to your ankles.
  • Pantyhose: these are just like regular tights, except they come up higher on your legs than regular ones (to mid-thigh).


In conclusion, most of the Cloudy fleece lined tights mentioned here will keep you warmer in cold weather than bare legs alone but stay true to their name by being made from thinner material.

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