Rolex GMT Singapore – One Of The Special Watches You Can Find

The journey of watches started as a means to display time. But their feature is not limited to just showing times. As time progressed, watches were infused with different tools that made them more useful. The watches evolved to offer more features as luxury items. One such brand that is known for making luxury watches is Rolex. It came out with the different types of watches that have created their identity in today’s world. Rolex GMT is one such watch known for showing two different time zones. This article gives brief information about Rolex GMT Singapore.

About Rolex

Rolex is a brand of watches started in 1905 by Wilsdorf and Davis in London. At the start, the watches they manufactured were known as Wilsdorf and Davis. Later in 1908, the company came to be known as Rolex. They are known for the invention of different watches. They were the first male waterproof watch in 1926. And the watch that displays came into being in 1945. The brand has been known for making luxury watches for a long time.

Journey of Rolex

The journey of GMT started as a need for a watch that helps to show accurate time in two time zones. In the case of the pilot, it was mandatory to know the timings of different time zones. Hence, Rolex and Pan American World Airways worked to make watches that could display time in different time zones. The primary watch is a 24-hour display watch with the addition of one hand that can display the time of another time zone. After this, many changes to the watch have been made to what it is today. The GMT in the watch’s title stands for Greenwich Meridian Time which was later converted to Coordinated Universal Time.

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Features of Rolex GMT

  • Shows two different time zone

The main feature of the watch is its feature of showing two different time zones. It is beneficial for those who need to travel in different time zones frequently.

  • The case of the watch protects it from dust, moisture, and water

The case of the watch is made in a way it is highly resistant to water. It means you do not have to worry that it will stop working if it comes in contact with the water. Apart from water, it is not affected by dust and moisture.

Types of Rolex watches

Rolex makes a variety of watches, each with its unique features. A few of the Rolex watches and their features are as follows:

  1. Rolex submariner

As the name suggests, this piece of Rolex is made for underwater use. The watch is made in a way it is highly resistant to water giving it the name submariner.

  1. Rolex GMT master

The watch is related to time zones. This watch allows the user to know the time of two different time zones.

  1. Rolex Datejust

This watch is known for its display of the date. Using this watch, you can keep track of the date and the current time.

Out of these types, the Rolex GMT Singapore is the most widely used and in-demand watch.


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