Check these factors when choosing the menstrual cup

With plenty of brands of menstrual cups available in the market today, you may be lost in the broad choices and ponder which one you must purchase as your menstrual cup. The moxie menstrual cup is worn inside the vagina to collect period flow. Menstrual, menstruation, or moon cups are bell-shaped and reusable devices made of rubber or silicon rather than absorb the menstrual flow. Once it is open out in place, it forms a seal that stops blood from leaking out. You can simply remove it when it is full, emptied, washed, and you can reinsert it.

The moxie menstrual cup is designed for people who get periods or people with periods, Moxie is continuous period care that presents all kinds of periods. With long-lasting period reusables and conscious disposables that work, a community that supports and the advice to go with. Before you rush out to get the most well-known brand or what’s available, below are some of the factors you must take into consideration. This is to ensure your first cup is appropriate and suitable for your body.

Know how to look for the right menstrual cup


  • Silicone, medical or non-medical grade, TPE whether plastic or rubber or latex. Other additives are used to modify the color.


  • The overall diameter and length of both the stem and cup. There are generally two sizes: one for women who are below 30 and have not given birth vaginally. And also one for women who are 30 and over who have given birth vaginally, regardless of your age. The length is based on how low or high the cervix sits during your period. You have to ask your GP for help and check the table of measurements.


  • They can hold up to 20 to 30 ml, you have to look for the capacity based on the heaviness of your period.

Stem design

  • The stem can be flat, solid, rounded, hollow, triangular, and with or without grips. Most can be cut down shorter to modify your needs.

moxie menstrual cup

Cup shape

  • Some are narrow and long, while others are more rounded. The rims can depend on shape and thickness, wherein one is more comfortable based on your preference.

Air holes

  • Placement and number of air holes vary based on the brand. They are beneficial in the removal and insertion of the cup, yet have no other function.

Look for a reliable brand

  • There are plenty of available brands of menstrual cups, these are medical devices that are inserted into your body, thus you don’t like to insert some uncertain materials into your vagina.

These are some of the vital factors you must consider when choosing the most appropriate menstrual cup.


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