Milk Production Booster Tea For Nursing Mothers

Are you a nursing mother who finds it hard to produce milk for your baby? Some mothers out there are drinking milk, specially formulated for breastfeeding mothers to help their milk supply. But, with milk production products offered in the mainstream market, it is not easy to find a good one. The best Breastfeeding tea helps produce breast milk after drinking.

Although water is the best drink for a nursing mother to produce breast milk, still, it is not easy for other lactating mothers to produce breast milk. Breastfeeding can make a nursing mom thirsty. So, drinking plenty of water stays hydrated. But, the body needs up to 700ml of extra fluid daily. Water, unsweetened fruit juices, and semi-skimmed milk are good options.

What does breastfeeding tea taste like?

Colic tea is considered the best breastfeeding tea for nursing mothers. Many are thinking about how good the tea is and some buy it for gift purposes. They use to buy and wrap the breastfeeding bundle, perfect for new baby gifts or baby showers. The taste of the tea is very natural, and it doesn’t have an extra odor.

Colic tea is 100% natural, gluten-free, caffeine-free, organic, and dairy-free. It has a deliciously aromatic and sweet taste.

The best Breastfeeding tea

How the breastfeeding tea reacts?

The natural ingredients of the tea naturally soothe babies’ colic symptoms, reliving tummy discomfort, calm down effect, and digestion breastfeeds babies. Yes, colic tea is not only specifically made for only nursing moms, but also good for breastfeeding babies.

Tea and hot chocolate bundle

Finally, a nursing mother can double the milk-boosting goodness. A lactating mother can nourish their postpartum body with a healthy treat that supports milk supply. Breastfeeding is not simply a tea-alike product, but also comes in different flavors, such as the hot chocolate tea bundle with yeast and collagen.

Breastfeeding tea has five different lactogenic ingredients.

100% organic

What makes this breastfeeding tea good for lactating mothers is to produce milk while drinking this 100% organic drink. The tea is also called lactation tea, known by its name colic tea. It is Australia’s best lactation tea for all breastfeeding mothers.

What is lactogenic?

Lactogenic means capable of generating milk secretion. The delivery of estrogen and progesterone levels fall, which allows the hormone prolactin increases and initiate milk production.

Therefore, it is good to know that breastfeeding tea has five different lactogenic ingredients that help milk production.

The life of a lactating mother is not easy. A lactating mother is always thirsty and hungry. But, it is not time that foods are available instantly. So, it is a great snack to have hot chocolate tea for the drink and paired with solid food like bread.

Lactating mothers should know!


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