What skin care measures can be taken?

If the skin is not moisturized, the most important thing is the regular use of moisturizers. These should contain a high proportion of moisturizing factors such as glycerine and urea. This ensures a long-lasting supply of moisture and prevents your epidermis from drying out. You should therefore only use skin care products specifically for dry skin types. Here you can assume that the water and fat content in the care product is just right. It is important that you have a higher percentage of fat in your face cream in winter as protection against cold winter and heating air. In summer it can be more moisture. If your skin is dry and you also have rosacea, it is important not to have too much fat.

General advice on lifestyle for people with dry skin

The moisture of the skin is also related to your fluid balance. If you are prone to dry skin, you should make sure you drink enough. Diet is also closely related to skin health. Make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet; a lack of vitamins and minerals in particular can promote dehydration of the top layer of the skin.

Another point that very few people think about is clothing. Only wear things that are not irritating to the skin. Especially if your arms and legs are prone to dry skin, tight-fitting clothing is not suitable. Breathable, comfortable and loose clothing is better. Various detergents and fabric softeners can also cause skin irritation.

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If you suffer from dry hands, you should take a close look at cleaning agents that you use every day. Many products dry out the skin extremely. It is therefore important to treat your hands with moisturizers and other moisturizing skin care products after these exertions. However, it is even better if you always wear gloves when cleaning.

Caution in connection with dry skin is also advisable in direct sunlight. It is generally important for your skin’s health to protect yourself adequately against UV exposure. It is important to know that sunbathing and staying too long in the sun can have a negative effect on skin moisture.

Showering or bathing foam that is too frequent and too hot is also not recommended if the skin is dry. Soap and water can weaken the skin barrier. If you shower once or twice a day, the sebum glands will not be able to rebuild the natural protective skin layer. Athletes in particular, who inevitably have to shower several times a day, are increasingly struggling with dry skin areas. A specialĀ hydrating cream singapore against dry skin should therefore be used for additional skin care after every shower or bath. With the onset of menopause, the skin often appears dry and irritated. This is where moisturizers containing isoflavones can be very helpful.


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