What Are the Best Cycling Clothes and Apparel to Consider?

Once you have taken cycling as a hobby, you always have to consider the right cycling apparel to go with it. For beginners, there’s no need to run and hurriedly buy cycling clothing and apparel.

Bike-specific clothing may help improve one’s cycling performance and comfort level. More importantly, it may also help you become visible to other riders and motorists. It’s not all bike clothing that can call attention to others. The Spandex look does not suit everyone. This is the reason why there are bike clothing companies that manufacture bike clothes that can also function as street clothes. The following are some cycling clothes to consider first when you cycling clothing and apparel:

Bike Shorts

Most bike shorts use stretch fabrics for easier movement when pedaling on the bike. They often have a longer cut than casual shorts. You can also find those that have a gripper elastic at the leg openings for them to stay in place while you pedal.

cycling clothing and apparel

Other Styles of Bike Shorts

There are several styles of bike shorts. Mountain bike shorts are those that are known as baggies or double shorts. They often come with loose outer shorts and are paired with stretch liner shorts. They also have a built-in chamois. A lot of liner shorts are easy to detach and are used separately together with other bike shorts. Usually, these have durable outer fabric and they also possess plenty of pockets and reflective elements.

Skorts are a combination of skirts and shorts. This is an alternative style of bike shorts that is composed of a pair of stretch shorts and an outer skirt. You may also find cycling skirts that are meant to be worn over cycling shorts or underwear.

Bib shorts are meant for racers. This is because a bib does not have a waistband that can hinder breathing. However, a casual rider may still wear a bib short to feel more comfortable.

Bike Jerseys

Bike jerseys are often stretchy, particularly road jerseys. They are also easy to dry, breathable, and moisture-wicking. The majority of road jerseys are form-fitting and this is what distinguishes them from mountain bike jerseys. You may also find casual shirt styles that are nothing like traditional bike jerseys.

Bike jerseys may also contain tall or flip-up collars to protect the neck from UV rays. They may also have front zippers for proper ventilation as physical exertion starts to rise. Back pockets may also be found in this type of bike shorts for easy on-the-go access.

Cycling Jackets

The main consideration for a cycling jacket is if it protects you from the wind or if it keeps you dry. This means you have to consider the amount of rain on your rides. Jackets also provide more warmth compared to others, which means you have to choose the right one for your climate.


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