What Are Some Disadvantages Of Hand Pipes?

What Are Hand Pipes?

Pipes are usually devices to smoke cannabis. The flowers of cannabis are packed inside the pipe in a shape of a bowl. So, when one smokes the pipe, they smoke the packed marijuana in that. Many dispensaries serve marijuana or cannabis in different forms such as pipes, medicines, cigars etc. There are different authorities of different countries that have various laws regarding pipes, in many countries they are sold openly in any dispensaries, such as Canada etc. And the hand pipes are also known as spoons. They are usually shaped in a form of a bowl and pipe attached to that. In that bowl, the marijuana stem is composed of a flower. And there is a small hole in the middle of the bowl from the backside. Through that hole, one can inhale the pipe and smoke the marijuana stem and flowers. These hand pipes are usually made of glass and there are many pipes available that are made of any metal or wood.

Harms Of Hand Pipes

As pipes are a sort of smoking, so it would certainly have some disadvantages with it. In any form of smoking whether pipes, cigarettes, vaping etc. It includes addiction and many more harms with it and that is why it is prohibited in most countries.

  • Cancer: Many reports say that pipes and cigars are less harmful than cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Smokeless tobaccos are the one that causes cancer. But as smoking arouses addiction habits, then if any individual smokes 5-10 pipes a day, it would certainly cause cancer. This is no less than smokeless tobacco.

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  • Lung Diseases: Smoking is most injurious to the lungs because the procedure of inhalation is regulated through the lungs only, and the hand pipes and other smoking items have marijuana, and which causes lung inflammation. It causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema etc. Any people who are already suffering from asthma, should not smoke at all. Because smoking pipes arouses the chances of asthma attacks. And people can die with that.
  • Heart Problems: Smoking pipes can also cause several heart problems. It also increases the chances of heart strokes. And the heart strokes are some severe problems.

There are many more harms of smoking hand pipes. Because most people smoke to reduce their anxiety and depression because marijuana in a limited amount is prescribed good for health but when one smokes too much of such pipes for their mental peace, they begin to get addicted.

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