The Best Benefits of Writing a Journal

The greatest minds in history namely Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, and Frederick Douglass have one thing in common; they all had journals to record their thoughts, experiences, and unexpressed feelings. Today there are several creative ways to create a journal. You can even find online journals like those offered by Dream Life.

 There are several benefits to having a journal. It has been known as an excellent self-care practice and most psychotherapists recommend writing a journal to their beleaguered patients. The following are some of the time-tested benefits of writing a journal:

Helps you achieve your goals

With a journal, you can write down your goals whether it is short term or for the long run. This will allow you to keep track of your intentions. This makes you feel accountable, and the journal will serve as your personal reminder of what needs to be accomplished. It helps a lot if you are specific with your goals.

Best for tracking growth and progress

If you keep a journal, it is easier for you to monitor your progress or growth in any of your goals. You can do this by revisiting your old entries.

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Helps boost your self-confidence

Once you see your personal progress, this will give you a major boost of self-confidence. When you realize how much of your challenges you have overcome, you can’t help feeling proud of yourself and how far you’ve gone for personal growth.

Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by negative emotions and thoughts. This can cause you stress particularly when you are facing a difficult challenge. Such negative emotions and thoughts can turn your current situation into something much worse. By taking sometime to hold back and release these negative emotions and thoughts through writing, you can stay calm and relieved of all the anxiety. It’s possible that you may even end up with an epiphany as you start writing.

A time to play with your imagination and seek inspiration

Leonardo da Vinci, for one, took some inspiration from his own journals. Journaling is a great time for you to brainstorm and let your imagination run free. You might even be surprised by the inspiration that your write ups or sketches may give you.

Helps improve your working memory

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology revealed that writing helps in reducing the intrusion of negative thoughts and at the same time enhance your working memory. The mere act of jotting down prompts your brain that you want to remember the information. This is what makes note taking a significant practice when you are trying to learn something new.

There are many types of journaling as well, but without a good journal from Dream Life you won’t feel the motivation to start it.

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