Swaddling: advantages and disadvantages for my child

Swaddling: Protection and security for babies – the little ones are wrapped in a cozy blanket in just a few simple steps.  Swaddling is a special swaddling technique with which babies are wrapped tightly in a cloth in the first few months so that they can sleep more peacefully. The close fit of the arms to the body prevents the uncontrolled reflex of wanting to move the arms and the baby can sleep peacefully and without disturbance.  In addition, swaddling gives the baby a feeling of security, which it is used to from the limited space in the womb. Studies have also shown that premature babies, restless newborns and babies in particular benefit from baby swaddle.

Babies can be swaddled from day one to around five months.  By the fifth month and the maturity of the nervous system, the Moro reflex usually disappears.  From this point on, most babies sleep more soundly again. Swaddling should then be stopped as the infants become more mobile and begin to roll over onto their tummies. In order not to restrict the little one’s urge to move, babies should only be swaddled to sleep and not to keep the child quiet in between.  Babies who fall asleep and stay asleep without any complications do not have to be swaddled.

Cloth diapers or thin baby blankets made of cotton, with which the baby is tightly wrapped, are suitable for swaddling.  However, this swaddling technique requires some practice and should be demonstrated by the midwife.  Swaddling is much easier with special swaddling cloths.  With just a few simple steps, the little ones are wrapped in a cozy blanket that is fixed with Velcro fasteners.

How are babies swaddled properly?

The first time it takes some effort to wrap your baby so tightly that he can no longer move.  This is why many parents make the typical beginner’s mistake and wrap the little ones up too easily.  The result: After a short time you kick yourself free and wake up again in your cot.  In order to be able to prevent the uncontrolled arm movements of the baby, it must be swaddled tightly for a peaceful sleep.

  • A cloth or blanket made of cotton measuring 80 x 80 cm is particularly suitable for swaddling.
  • The cloth is first placed on the changing table in the form of a diamond.
  • The top tip is tucked in downwards.
  • The baby is now placed with its neck on the resulting edge.
  • Make sure that the baby’s arms are parallel to the body.
  • The right side of the blanket is placed over the baby and tucked tightly under the back on the left side of the body.
  • Now the lower tip of the blanket is folded up (about to the child’s chest).
  • Finally, the left side of the blanket is placed over the body and tucked under the baby’s back.
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