Phone Accessories You Should Have

Having the right phone accessories can make a huge difference to your mobile experience. From stylish cases to the best online power banks, there are a lot of options available to suit your needs. In this blog post, we’ll explore this must-have phone accessories that you should consider investing in. Keep reading to find out which items will make your phone experience better!

1) A Case

The case is not only protective but also an accessory that shows off your personality and style. The power bank is perfect for those days where you forgot to charge your phone or when you’re in need of a quick boost. The screen protector protects your phone’s screen from scratches and cracks while the cord organizer prevents tangled cords in your bag. External speakers are great for playing music at a party or on the go while the car charger provides battery life when you’re out on the road.

2) A Screen Protector

A screen protector is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your phone. The price ranges from $7-10, and you can find them in stores or on amazon. If you are prone to dropping your phone, this is an essential accessory. With a screen protector on, the chances of damage go down dramatically.

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3) A Portable Charger

A portable charger is a must-have item for anyone who is constantly on the go. It is small and can charge your phone up to three times before it needs to be recharged. The one that I use is from Mophie, which also doubles as a phone case. There are also external battery packs that you can carry with you in your bag or keep in your car for emergencies. These are typically much larger and will charge your phone once or twice. But there are plenty of affordable options out there for $10-$30 that can easily be slipped into your purse or backpack.

4) A Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is great for a long day of work or school, but can also be helpful in other situations. I use my Bluetooth speaker to play music from my phone when I am doing dishes or laundry so that it doesn’t get wet and/or dirty. They are also good if you need to go somewhere with your phone but don’t want to bring the entire set up. It is also very useful if you need to make a quick call and don’t want to hold your phone up to your ear, which can be uncomfortable after a while. The size of this particular speaker is perfect for carrying around in your bag, too!


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