Nightwear and washable nappies

If your child begins to sleep all night and misses the night change, it is good to “stuff” the diaper a little more to avoid leaks. If the nappy gets big, a  suitably sized one-piece pajamas is probably the most comfortable solution. If you use the sleeping bag or the sleep suit you can also dress the baby only on top with a t-shirt or an abundant bodysuit kept unfastened and leave the baby without pants . If you don’t like to think it with bare legs you can get legwarmers or use wool pants that also work as a cover over the fitted washable nappies (they are called longies )

Washable pants and diapers

Finding pants suitable for washable nappies is perhaps the most felt problem of mothers, but even here you just need to get organized. If possible, prefer trousers and gaiters in cotton with soft elastic at the waist or with the possibility of adjusting the internal elastic: you will have time to put on trousers with buttons and zippers and in jeans or more rigid fabrics … Many brands offer trousers with a low crotch , in to leave more room for the diaper. Even a  bib is functional with cloth diapers, especially if it has the buttons along the legs to facilitate nappy changing.

Then the very nice unisex leggings spreading with more abundant fabric on the bottom : they are actually very practical with washable nappies because the stretch fabric wraps the body well adapting to all shapes (the child in the cover photo wears them). In addition, the trousers remain adherent to the leg, always keeping it covered, even when the child is carried in swaddling or baby carriers in winter . This type of trousers can also be used as tights under other trousers on colder days.

Washable rompers and diapers

The onesies for babies are comfortable and practical with any type of diaper. For personal taste I would avoid taking those that provide for the lacing on the back, with the buttons on the back vertically and then horizontally between the lower part of the back and the butt. In the first place they are uncomfortable to use because you have to overturn the child to close them; in addition, if the nappy area is well padded, the horizontal buttons risk pulling the fabric too much.

In general, for babies in the first year of life you can use garments one size more than the actual size of the baby, even if in fact each brand has its own wearability. A trick is to bring a garment to the store that we know how it fits on our baby to compare it with the ones to buy (which I do regularly even when I buy for my children who are already spannolinolinati but who are not very “cooperative” in a clothing store! )


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