Guide to Summer Food and Wine Pairings

Which wines should you bring to outdoor meals, picnics, and potlucks? Here are some summer matching suggestions and some favourite recipes and summer wines to go with them.

Salads are ideal as the weather begins to heat up. Wine online has a variety of toppings and dresses to choose from for your crisp and light-bodied for basic salads, full-bodied and structured for more complicated meals with heavier dressings.

Green salads are similar to greenish wine.

Wines with a tinge of ‘green,’ such as crisp, pale-colored white wines with lush or herbaceous aromas, are perfect for a green salad. A Sauvignon Blanc or a crisp combination of local grapes would be ideal. But go gentle on the vinegar. Whenever you make a vinaigrette using lemon or mild vinegar, its acidity won’t conflict overly with the wine you’re tasting, especially if it’s fresh.

Cheese-based salad dressings, for example, require more bodied white or rosé wines. Choose something with some wood ageing, a varietal that produces full-bodied varietals, or a rosé with vivid colour.

Best Advice

Add some fruit for the ideal complement. Putting fruit to your salad, including peaches or apples, can make it simpler to match with wine, and the similar flavours of both food and wine will make the combination more balanced.

Grilled fish and seafood combo

Summer is grilling season. If you’re planning to grill fish, pair it with moderate to full white wines. Seafood like prawns and fish like salmon and sardines do well on the barbecue. The strength of the scents and tastes requires a wine that can equal in flavour intensity, and freshness will assist thru the oiliness.

Wine online

Tannins disliked by fish

When combining with fish, look for a wine structure without being too oak-aged. Red wines are used, but only for those with lower tannin levels, as tannins in such wines might clash with the fish oils, leaving a metallic aftertaste in your mouth.

Grilled Meat

If you’re cooking some meat on your summertime barbeque, it’s time to break out the reds since the tannins in red wine soften and are so succulent.

Served with cold dishes (Picnic Foods)

Picnics are associated with summertime, and picnics necessitate wines that really are light and readily complemented with a range of meals. Sparkling wine is a guaranteed bet since the bubbles help it combine with almost everything. Another choice is a bright, aromatic white that would complement the herbs in salads and summer finger foods.

Desserts that don’t require baking

The last thing you want to do during the sweltering summer days raises the temperature even higher. If you want something sweet but don’t wish to put it in the oven, no-bake sweets are the way to go! Berries with yoghurt and crumbled meringue, or delicious ice cream, indicate that summertime is the time to take simple components and make them into something spectacular.


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