Flower arrangements: are they for aesthetics only?

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Have you ever witnessed a venue come to life? If you answered “yes”, then what is that one thing that transformed the place? Is it the arrangements of the tables and chairs? Or maybe the foods and drinks that are served? Or is it the paraphernalia used? Well, all of those can make the venue complete. But nothing beats the transformative power that flowers could bring in an event.

What Does Science Say about Flowers?

According to the 10-month behavioral research conducted at The State University of New Jersey, the researchers found that there is a direct link between the flowers and the approach of the participants towards life. The results show that flowers have a three-fold effect on any person that sees or receives them.

Flowers have a direct impact on a person’s happiness.

Based on the study, a common and consistent reaction of delight and gratitudeexpressed through genuine smileswere seen on the faces of the participants of various ages who received the flowers.


Flowers are natural mood boosters with prolonged effects.

The participants of the study have reported that upon receiving the flowers their mood was uplifted and they felt less depressed, agitated, or even anxious.

Flowers established a sense of connection.

When the participants received the flowers, they felt that they were accepted and appreciated. This scenario commonly happens in a home setup where flowers are usually placed in shared spaces such as dining rooms, foyers, and living rooms which are accessible to the guests. Hence, it creates a welcoming feeling towards the visitors.

Overall, flowers have a therapeutic value towards people, particularly in the emotional aspect, because it comes from mother nature. It can increase the sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction of a person that is why in events flowers are never missed out as they can immediately change the mood of the venue.

Impacts of Incorporating Flowers in Events

The placement of flowers can greatly impact your event venues. So, it is necessary to take note of the following spaces where you will put them.

Entrance and Aisle

Placing it at the entrance will make your guests feel that their presence is expected and welcomed.

Dining Tables

It establishes a sense of gratitude towards your guests who have imparted their time just to witness and celebrate with you for another milestone.

Stage Backdrop

Having flowers as a backdrop for your stage will establish a deep emotional connection between your guests.

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