Check these guidelines when selecting the perfect mailing boxes

Mailing boxes are being used when shipping products to your customers and you prefer to choose the appropriate mailer box. There are a lot of available types of boxes, thus it can be challenging to determine which one is ideal for your needs. Getting the incorrect mailer box can result in a terrible unboxing experience and eat into your profits. When you get it right and you’ll leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Nowadays, the range of packaging solutions in the market is becoming more complex. It becomes difficult to pick the correct box, let alone the right type, size, material, and finish option.

Mailing boxes

What kind of mailer box do you need?

There are some things you should consider about buying a custom shipping box. First, you have to consider the size of the product you are about to ship. You don’t like to use a box that’s smaller and risks destroying your product. Yet, you also don’t need to use a box that’s a huge and only waste packaging material. You also have to think about how much protection your product needs. Once you’re shipping something fragile, like glassware, you should have a sturdier box with more padding. While you can use a lighter-weight box once you need to ship something less delicate.

Also, you have to consider your budget, mailer boxes come in a broad range of prices. Thus, you’ll have to choose one that suits your budget and needs. Another sustainable packaging option is to consider using biodegradable custom shipping bags. These bags are manufactured from materials like potato starch or cornstarch.

Check out these mailer boxes sizes:

Small Mailer Boxes

  • One of the biggest mistakes in packaging is selecting a bigger box than you need. A huge box for a small product, not only impacts the environment yet could be charging your company thousands to fulfill the order. It is not only wasteful yet takes away from the product experience by the need to unwrap those unessential packaging.

Medium Mailer Boxes

  • Medium boxes are a secure choice, big enough to suit your product yet not so big that you have to waste money on extra storage and delivery fees. Medium boxes are one of the most well-known boxes for clothing, the sizing is ideal for blouses, dresses, light jackets, and more.

Large Mailer Boxes

  • The range of large mailer boxes will transport your bulky goods safely to your house. Heavy clothing items or large electronic appliances are best matched with a big mailer box. A well-designed box is an amazing branding chance for your company.

 Flat Mailer Boxes

  • Flat boxes are ideal for flat products and documents such as small subscription items or light clothing.


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