Caravan Accessories to Invest In

Buying a caravan is more like buying a home on the road. Some elements found in a caravan are in situ. These include the beds, kitchen, bathroom, and dining facilities. However, you still need several caravan accessories to complete the furnishings of your home on the road.

Caravan Steps

The caravan door is usually at least two feet off the ground. It is not safe for you and your family to climb up and go down the stairs. This is why it would be best to invest in a sturdy set of stairs. Nobody wants to have a sprain during your camping trips.

Basic Toolkit

It would be to your regret if you don’t bring a basic toolkit on your camping trip. Your usual camping problems can be resolved by using the wrench, rubber-headed mallet, screwdriver, small crowbar, and socket sets.

caravan accessories

Water and Waste Containers

Campers must not carry heavy weights while on the road. This is why water containers are necessary and so are the waste equivalent. It’s okay to have plastic jerry cans, but if the water source is far from the campsite, you must have a roller container. One for fresh water and another for wastewater.

Water Purifier

It’s essential to make sure before you hit the road that you will always have clean water to drink. Look for a water purifier that can remove heavy metals as water goes through the water treatment system. You can choose between the tank-fill water purifier and the permanent water purifier. The first type connects to the hose and it filters the water going into the tank. The second type, on the other hand, is installed under the caravan sink. It also filters the water that comes from the tank and goes to the tap.


One of the must-have caravan accessories, when you plan to travel for months, is the TV. This is for the times when you simply like to chill out on the lounge and catch up on TV shows. This makes the TV an essential accessory for any caravan. You may want to choose a TV with built-in Bluetooth, a DVD player, WiFi, and Chromecast. This will allow you to access Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen anytime even when least expected. The probability goes higher when you go on an adventure. This is why you must not leave home without a first aid kit. Whether it is a splinter problem that you have or you need an ice pack to take care of a bug bite, this can be addressed by a first aid kit.

Caravan Jack

You need a jack when you have to replace the tire of your caravan. You can find electric models if you want to make the process simple and easy.


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